Friday, June 17, 2011

African Finaces

"Hey Sipho! I have a cow for you for just R500!"
"E yoh, Bongani! I'll take it - you can bring it to me tomorrow!"
The next day:

"Sorry Sipho, but the cow died last night."
"Hauw.. So, ok then. Just give me my money back."
"Sorry Sipho, I did already spend that money..."

"Eish! So, ok then. Just bring me the dead cow."

So, Bongani brought the dead cow to Sipho the next morning.

A few weeks later, Bongani bumped into Sipho and asked him what he did with the dead cow:

"You won't believe, Bongani! I made a raffle for the cow, and I sold 251 tickets for R5 each! I made a profit of R850! But, I didn't tell anyone the cow was dead..."

"Yoh! And the people didn't complain?"

"Eish! ONLY the guy who won! So.., I gave him back his R5 - and he was very heppy!"

Sipho is now in Parliament...

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