Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bad tourism @ Kerrisdale Railway

Today we drove all the way to Seymour and took the scenic route back to Melbourne. What a lovely scenic country this is, not that it will ever match South Africa, but the rolling hills and the Goulburn River that flows through all the small towns were absolutely amazing.

What I would like to comment on is the place we visited called Kerrisdale Mountain Railway and Museum Inc. What a disgrace for tourism this place is as they have no idea what customer service means. We did not book tickets in advance, not knowing about the place and it was a total spur of the moment thing, we also did not want to wait for 2 hours for a train ride. When my husband said we would just like to look around then and get a cold drink the lady at the ticket booth was quite rude and said no. We are not allowed to enter without a ticket, well okay lady keep on your nickers and just don't wet it at the same time please. We did not see a need to pay $75 entrance fee to get cold drinks and paying for that as well.

As we turned around to leave I took the camera and wanted to take a photo of the place. The lady then got so upset and shouted at us to leave and that we are not allowed to take any photo's. Was this a bad hair day for her or was it just plain PMS. My goodness, was this actually happening I thought by myself, taking a quick snappy we then left the place. There was no signs indicating we were not allowed to take photo's.

We did hear from others that in the small country towns the people can get a bit rude, never thinking it possible as they do thrive on tourism. Well let me tell you guys it's alive and truly a sorry sight for the tourism industry.

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